Monday, September 26, 2011

Here it goes...

I guess the best way to start here would be an introduction. First, to state the obvious: my name is Allie and I plan on blogging about the goings on in my craft room. Well I don't actually have an entire craft room, I share it with my Mr. Man as an "office" but I still have plenty of room to get my craft on and that is exactly what I do.

Anyway. As I said before my name is Allie, I'm a 22 year old recent college grad with suddenly more time on my hands to do what I love, so I thought I would share with whoever stumbles across this little piece of cyberspace. I'm living and working in a little town in northern Maine and am pretty much loving life right now. So, with my iron hot, and my (brand new, yay!) sewing machine fired up I am ready to brave the blogging world one project at a time.

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