Friday, November 18, 2011

Quilting Class Update

This is the last week for learning new blocks, the remaining six I am on my own for. I really like that the instructor has taught us new techniques for piecing each week. This week we learned paper piecing and crazy patchwork.
Although I enjoyed the precision and crispness of the paper pieced blocks, but it was definitely time consuming! Sometimes being a perfectionist has its price. But the block came out beautifully.

 The crazy quilting was interesting and kind of fun, but I don't know if I will do much of it. I tend to like symmetry and order too much. A crazy quilt block is typically pieced on a piece of muslin or newspaper to give support to the fabric since it's most often off grain due to its scrappy nature. Well.... I sort of forgot that part when I started piecing. I just ended up sewing pieces of fabric together then trimmed it to a 12 1/2" square.

I hope to embroider something in the yellow center piece.
Finishing my blocks and putting together the quilt top this week. I can't wait!

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